Comment on "Strongly Correlated Fractional Quantum Hall Line Junctions"

Vadim V. Ponomarenko, Dmitri V. Averin
2006 Physical Review Letters  
Physical Review Letter 90, 026802 (2003) by U. Zülicke and E. Shimshoni and subsequent extended paper proposed an "exact solution" of the problem of a tunnel junction of length L between two single-mode edges of the Fractional Quantum Hall Liquids with different filling factors ν_j=1/(2m_j+1), j=1,2; m_j=0,1,.... The purpose of this comment is to point out that the solution found in these papers is not correct and to present correct solution of a particular instance of this model.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.97.159701 pmid:17155370 fatcat:jf4reim6n5bxdmhzrzweumnixq