La Renta Mínima de Inserción: contradicciones e incertidumbres

África Martín Giner
2007 Cuadernos de Trabajo Social  
This article is the product of a social worker's reflections on the contradictions and uncertainties of professional practice in the application of the «Law of Minimum Income for Social Integration» (Ley de Renta Mínima de Inserción) in the Community of Madrid (Law 15/2001, 27 December). The primary objective of this article is to point out some ideas to promote discussion and analysis of this benefit. The article begins with a contextualization of this benefit within the social-political
more » ... nment. Then, it describes the contradictions and uncertainties that the law itself contains, as well as the ones that the law generates, the ones which social workers appropriate in the application of the law. Lastly, the author proposes some solutions to meet head on these contradictions and uncertainties.
doi:10.5209/cuts.8402 doaj:ea0514f71a7d454983781242ce9f08fc fatcat:fv2unx32jvb3vdbbjsiqstnec4