Cancelable Multimodal Biometrics Based on Chaotic Maps

Sanaa Ghouzali, Ohoud Nafea, Abdul Wadood, Muhammad Hussain
2021 Applied Sciences  
Biometric authentication systems raise certain concerns with regard to security, violation of privacy, and storage issues of biometric templates. This paper proposes a protection approach of biometric templates storage in a multimodal biometric system while ensuring both the cancelability of biometric templates and the efficiency of the authentication process. We propose applying a chaotic maps-based transform on the biometric features to address the cancelability issue. We used Logistic map
more » ... Torus Automorphism to generate cancelable biometric features of the face and fingerprint minutia points, respectively. Both transformed features would be concatenated and saved in the database of the system instead of the original features. In the authentication stage, the similarity scores of both transformed face and fingerprint templates are computed and fused using the weighted sum rule. The results of the experimentation, conducted using images from the ORL face and FVC2002 DB1 fingerprint databases, demonstrated the higher performance of the proposed approach achieving a genuine accept rate equal to 100%. Moreover, the obtained results confirmed the soundness of the proposed cancelable technique to satisfy the biometric systems' requirements (i.e., security, revocability, and diversity).
doi:10.3390/app11188573 fatcat:yhykmnegenbhvpadryhu2u7lii