Guaranteeing the thermal and drinking water stations to operate under low Nile levels condition

Nadia M. Eshra
The paper proposes the procedures for thermal and drinking water stations to operate under different conditions of low water levels. Thermal power stations are constructed near water sources to use water for the operation and cooling of steam turbines, as well as cooling only in other types of turbines; gas and combined. Drinking water stations are distributed along the Nile River from Aswan to Delta in different capacities of operation. Hydrodynamic (1-D) model is applied to estimate the Nile
more » ... estimate the Nile levels corresponding to the minimum flow. The water level is estimated for different crosssections along the reach with an interval of 10 km. The cross-sections are extracted using a geographic information system from contour maps. An equation is created to specify the amount of required water for thermal power stations. Four alternative solutions are introduced for ensuring the operation of each station and recommendations are suggested for different solutions if required.
doi:10.5004/dwt.2020.24877 fatcat:7zcpgffeofggblkzagnu2edlda