Akkılıç Mahmut ; Erdinç
1982 Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi  
The E((ect o( ALBAC (Zinc Bacitradn) on Egg Production, Feed Consuınption and Vita1ity in Laying Hens. Summary: The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the elfect rif zinc bascitracin added to the laying hen rations in different amonunts on egg production, egg weight,feed consumption and vitality of hens. In this eJr.periment four months Colden-Coment chickens were used and 24°chickens were equvally divided into 4 groups egg production period, zincbacitracin (ALBAC) was added in the
more » ... was added in the amounts of o; 5°and i 00 ppm i kg respectively. In a yearly egg production period, the average egg productions rif each group were 72.2 i: 72.08: 72.53 and 73.44 % respectively. The amounts of egg per hen Wefe 256.8; 256.8; 260. i and 263.00 The amounts oj cgg obtained each hem in third and fourth groups were more (4 and 7 than that control group. The weekly averCıgeegg weights were eggs) Jound as 6 i . i i; 6 1.82; 60.98 and 62.23 gr. According to these results, there were no difference between the egg weights. In a yearly egg production period; for each gorup, daily aveıagefeed consumptions were 124.5; 123.6; 123.5 and 122.5 gr; and totally 45.45; 42.25; 45.09 and 44.72 kg were found. Although this difference was not important between groups,. this difference was less in groups in uhich antibiotic was added. According to this investisation results, there was no elJect on Jeed consumption but an increased elfect on egg production in which 25i 00 ppm i kg Zinc Bacitracin was added to the laying hen ratiolls .
doi:10.1501/vetfak_0000000116 fatcat:2tiwc2x7zfa73iumysb5pva6cm