A Switched Variational Estimation Algorithm for Continuous Discrete Measurement Information Loss in Underwater Navigation: Linear versus Nonlinear

Xiang Song, Haoqian Huang, Chunxiao Ren
2022 Applied Sciences  
In various applications of automatic underwater vehicles (AUVs), it is necessary to acquire the real-time location and speed information of the AUV. However, the complicated and fluctuating marine environment leads to measurement information loss. The accuracy of noise measurement is vital for accurate state estimation, but it is difficult for traditional algorithms to acquire time-varying noise measurements. Due to inaccurate process models and measurement noise, the filtering performance
more » ... es poor or even diverges. To address the problems above, a switched variational estimation filtering (SVEF) algorithm, which combines the advantages of both Gaussian filtering and the variational estimation (VE) method, is proposed. In SVEF, VE is embedded into a linear or nonlinear filtering algorithm. Owing to the continuous discrete underwater navigation model, the state vector is estimated by the SVEF in the case of measurement information loss, and the accurate position and velocity of the AUV are determined. The experimental results prove that the SVEF achieves better positioning precision and is more robust than other conventional algorithms for AUV applications.
doi:10.3390/app12136663 fatcat:dqxtlhjoxndhho2tizubkxkdxe