Viability of solar photovoltaics as an electricity generation source for Jordan

Eyad S. Hrayshat
2009 International Journal of Sustainable Engineering  
Viability of solar photovoltaics as an electricity generation source for Jordan was assessed utilizing a proposed 5 MW grid-connected solar photovoltaic power plant. Long-term (1994Long-term ( -2003 monthly average daily global solar radiation and sunshine duration data for 24 locations -distributed all over the country -were studied and analyzed to assess the distribution of radiation and sunshine duration over Jordan, and formed an input data for evaluation and analysis of the proposed
more » ... the proposed plant's electricity production and economic feasibility. It was found that -depending on the geographical location -the global solar radiation on horizontal surface varied between 1.51 and 2.46 MWh/m 2 /year with an overall mean value of 2.01 MWh/m 2 /year for Jordan. The sunshine duration was found to vary -according to the location -between 8.47 and 9.68 h/day, with a mean value of 9.07 h/day and about 3311 sunshine hours annually for Jordan. The annual electricity production of the proposed plant varied depending on the location between 6.886 and 11.919 GWh/year, with a mean value of 9.46 GWh/year. The specific yield varied between 340.9 and 196.9 kWh/m 2 , while the mean value was 270.59 kWh/m 2 . Analysis of the annual electricity production of the plant, the specific yield, besides the economic indicators i.e., internal rate of return, simple payback period, years-to-positive cash flow, net present value, annual life cycle saving, benefit-cost ratio, and cost of energy -for all sites -showed that Tafila and Karak are the most suitable sites for the solar photovoltaic power plant's development and Wadi Yabis is the worst. The results also showed that an average of 7414.9 tons of greenhouse gases can be avoided annually utilizing the proposed plant for electricity generation at any part of Jordan.
doi:10.1080/19397030802691798 fatcat:7qtciootgfekrgxmidz7zioa6u