Comparative Modeling of Low Temperature Char-CO2Gasification Reaction of Drayton Coal by Carbon Dioxide Concentration
이산화탄소 농도에 따른 드레이톤 탄의 저온 차-이산화탄소 가스화반응 모델링 비교

Ji Yun Park, Do Kyun Lee, Soon Cheol Hwang, Sang Kyum Kim, Sang Heon Lee, Soo Kyung Yoon, Ji Ho Yoo, Si Hyun Lee, Young Woo Rhee
2013 Clean Technology  
We investigated the effects of the concentration of carbon dioxide on the char-CO2 gasification reaction under isothermal conditions of 850 ℃ using the Drayton coal. Potassium carbonate was used to improve the low-temperature gasification reactivity. The enhancement of carbon dioxide concentration increased the gasification rate of char, while gasification rate reached a saturated value at the concentration of 70%. The best CO2 concentration for gasification is determined to be 70%. We compared
more » ... the shrinking core model (SCM), volumetric reaction model (VRM) and modified volumetric reaction model (MVRM) of
doi:10.7464/ksct.2013.19.3.306 fatcat:rcllbiafvfhtlpvhdajymaua7q