Laboratory Measurements of High‐nIron L‐Shell X‐Ray Lines

H. Chen, M. F. Gu, E. Behar, G. V. Brown, S. M. Kahn, P. Beiersdorfer
2007 Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series  
We present a comprehensive wavelength survey of Fe L-shell X-ray lines between 7 and 11Å measured using flat crystal spectrometers and the EBIT-I and EBIT-II electron beam ion traps at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. This survey includes all significant emission lines produced by over 200 n → 2 transitions in Fe XIX -XXIV, with n=4-10. The identification and assignment of transitions are made with the help of detailed theoretical modeling using the Flexible Atomic Code (FAC).
doi:10.1086/510124 fatcat:uz4elxwhi5c5rbcgm4bzg3pmgi