Combination of Innate Immune Modulators as Vaccine Adjuvants in Mice

Azita Haddadi, Alyssa Chaffey, Siew Hon Ng, Damayanthi Yalamati, Heather L. Wilson
2020 Vaccines  
The development of new, effective, and safe vaccines necessarily requires the identification of new adjuvant(s) to enhance the potency and longevity of antigen-specific immune responses. In the present study, we compare the antibody-mediated and cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses within groups of mice vaccinated subcutaneously with ovalbumin (OVA; as an experimental antigen) plus polyphosphazene (an innate immune modulator), Polyinosinic:polycytidylic acid (poly-I:C; (an RNA mimetic) and
more » ... A mimetic) and glycopeptide ARC5 (which is a Toll-like receptor (TLR), TLR2 ligand and PAM3CSK4 analogue) formulated together in a soluble vaccine. We also investigated the effect of a polymeric nanoparticle of ARC4 and ARC7 (which are a novel muramyl dipeptide analogue and a monophosophoryl lipid A (MPLA) analogue, respectively) plus OVA +/− ARC5 as a subcutaneous vaccine in mice. OVA+ARC4/ARC7 nanoparticle +/− ARC5 triggered a robust and balanced Th1/Th2-type humoral response with significant anti-OVA IgA in serum, and significant interferon (IFN)-γ and interleukin (IL)-17 production in splenocytes after 35 days relative to the controls. Formulation of OVA with ARC4/ARC7 nanoparticles should be investigated for inducing protective immunity against infectious pathogens in mice and other species.
doi:10.3390/vaccines8040569 pmid:33019524 fatcat:j2qe3ughxffifmt4gygulm4al4