Progress Status for the 10 Year Old SOLEIL Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Laurent Nadolski, Yves-Marie Abiven, Pascale Brunelle, Alain Buteau, Nicolas BéChu, Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie, Xavier Delétoille, Jean-Michel Dubuisson, Christian Herbeaux, Nicolas Hubert, Marie Labat, Jean-Francois Lamarre (+17 others)
Synchrotron SOLEIL has just turned 10 years since its commissioning. The 2.75 GeV facility is now delivering very stable photon beams to 29 beam lines. A total of 5 operation modes are available in top-up. Maintaining and updating the key performance metric remains a daily work facing both aging of components and tighter operation requirements. Low-alpha operation is attracting more beam lines leading us to an upgrade of the Booster (BOO) radiofrequency (RF) system in order to increase the
more » ... o increase the injection efficiency into the storage ring (SR). The femtoslicing experiment is now in production for a hard X-ray beam line; a dedicated chicane has been installed for a second beam line in the soft X-ray regime. The two long canted beam lines can operate simultaneously at minimum gaps since May 2016 thanks to the introduction of a dedicated photon absorber and a fast angle interlock. R&D work in several areas will be reported. In parallel lattice design are in progress both for short term and long term evolution of the ring performance.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2017-wepab004 fatcat:5scriascxjbiddba5amjgnidlm