M.R. Mustofa, A.B. Putra, Suraji, M.A. Embi
2018 Eurasia: Economics & Business  
The effort to determine the appropriate formulation in the determining of financials is the financial forward to whom and how is to actualize it? Thus the finance should have dimension on the justice. Furthermore, the finance of political economy certainly will closely relate to the effort of the state and government to give any appropriate social guarantee to the people especially to the people under the poverty line. The pattern of the relationship of which transparent, accountable,
more » ... between the government with the people and the prejudice will prevent while the state/government/legislation able to conduct the good process and profitable toward the society and not the officials. The finance also could be perceived as the political perspective whereas it could be translated as the state guarantee to struggle the social finance of which more prioritized rather than the official expenditures finance or the given institutions. Thus the political and economical context of finance will relate with whoever have role and ability in state in giving guarantee toward its society. However in fact the political economy is perceived and conducted in short term context and only bring profit to the related parties. The regulation in the program determination is only lies on the level of mutual interest of the actor, whereas the society often does not know the process and the participation in determining to what extent the process which happened. Even the society does not know how many percent of the finance to be granted to their prosperity. Related to the analysis of political economy in the finance are the certain in the study of social knowledge because the political economy used the supradisciplinary approach. The focus of this analysis is on every issue or obligation, of which directly or indirectly involving the public interest and also in a great number of their consideration to be granted in the problems relate to the public policy. It is may caused by the political economy in principal relates to the political decision concern on the finance conditions and whoever has right to be granted those finance. Thus it should be answer about the political economy of finance is how the public finance.
doi:10.18551/econeurasia.2018-04.06 fatcat:pk2kvwb6nraeley6ubkdmnrep4