Impact of Biosyngas and its Components on SOFC Anodes

P. V. Aravind, J. P. Ouweltjes, E. de Heer, N. Woudstra, G. Rietveld
2005 ECS Proceedings Volumes  
Biosyngas was investigated as a potential fuel for solid oxide fuel cells. C -H -0 ternary diagrams were employed to evaluate the thermodynamics o f carbon deposition w ith selected gas compositions. Impedance measure ments were carried out with Ni/GDC and SDC anodes. Gas compositions representing biosyngas were used in the experiments. Both anodes gave reasonable performance with biosyngas compositions when compared to humidified hydrogen. Impact o f the H2S in the gas stream on the
more » ... o f Ni/GDC anodes was presented. No impact was observed up to 9 ppm H2S. ) unless CC License in place (see abstract). address. Redistribution subject to ECS terms of use (see
doi:10.1149/200507.1459pv fatcat:qvpi6rwp7zh3rhtufp6flcyzpu