Microclimate control system at poultry enterprises of closed type

Sergey Kostarev, Oksana Kochetova, Alfia Hamidullina, Tatyana Sereda, O. Loretts, O. Nazarova, M. Karpukhin, V. Kukhar, A. Ruchkin
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
The microclimate is a set of factors affecting the climate state in a limited space. Keeping and raising animals in agricultural premises is an important stage in the production of agricultural products. Maintaining a favorable microclimate in the room with animals ensures product safety and improvement of their quality. The cultivation of birds in industrial agricultural premises is an important stage in the production and further sale of agricultural products. It is necessary to maintain an
more » ... timal microclimate. The deviation of room factors from the norm leads to a decrease in the average daily weight gain and affects the safety of birds, especially in the autumn-winter period, as well as affects its productive egg-laying capacity. It is known that 40...50 % of all energy received by animals from feed goes to maintain a normal body temperature, and the rest - to gain weight and proper development. The food must be of high quality and contain all the necessary micronutrients. Ultimately, the temperature parameters affect the product cost. The ambient temperature directly affects the amount of heat released by the chicken in the initial stage, and the feed consumption accordingly. Deviations of the ambient temperature from the optimal one significantly reduce the growth and development of young birds and increase feed consumption, which leads to additional unplanned financial losses for the farm. An unsatisfactory microclimate, the determining parameter of which is the temperature regime, increases the product cost by 15-20 % and leads to an increase in the selling price for the final consumer. Due to the peculiarities of biological heat release and thermal regulation in young birds, the value of the optimal temperatures for their cultivation varies widely.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202128207024 fatcat:p3zmkwf5znarvhstbgwq5wqyaq