Effects of match situational variables on possession: The case of England Premier League season 2015/16

Rodrigo Aquino, João P. V. Manechini, Bruno L. S. Bedo, Enrico F. Puggina, Júlio Garganta
2017 Motriz: Revista de Educacao Fisica  
To identify the effects of match location, quality of opponents and match status on possession during the 2015/16 Season of England Premier League. Methods: Three hundred and eighty matches played by 20 teams were analysed. For each match, two values were recorded, resulting in 760 observations. Results: Teams who played at home (51.77 ± 10.22%) presented higher possession values (EF=moderate) than those who played away (48.21 ± 10.30%). Quality of opponents also had a significant difference,
more » ... possession was higher (EF=large) when teams played against weak (52.30 ± 9.77%) than strong opponents (46.48 ± 10.38%). The multivariate analysis revealed no interaction between situational variables and possession (p = 0.76). Despite the teams classified as "best-ranking" (1st to 8th position: 50.60 ± 10.35%) presented greater possession (EF=moderate) than "worst-ranking" (9st to 20th position: 47.59 ± 9.74%), no significant differences were found in the comparisons of match status (winner [50.34 ± 10.48%] x drawer [49.95 ± 10.25%] x loser [49.68 ± 10.48%]). Conclusion: General interpretations should be viewed with caution, since the possession can represent an indicator of success for a team but not for others.
doi:10.1590/s1980-6574201700030015 fatcat:rzeeumxgjvbvjcjnyv5t34lzmy