Kinetics of Waterborne Alkyd/Acrylic Hybrid Resin Free Radical Polymerization by Two Systems of Redox and Thermal Initiators

Sh Madadi, A Yousefi, E Keshmirizadeh
miniemulsion polymeriza-tion, kinetic, alkyd-acrylic hybrid, redox initiators, thermal initiators K inetics of radical polymerizations of waterborne alkyd/acrylic hybrid resin via batch mini-emulsion technique was studied using redox initiators (TBHP/Fe 2+ /EDTA/AsAc and TBHP/Fe 2+ /EDTA/SFS) at relatively low temperatures and thermal initiators (BPO, KPS and AIBN) at higher temperatures to seek the most suitable initiator system. At the end of all reactions the unreacted mono-mer content was
more » ... o-mer content was reduced using post-polymerization technique; consequently, leading to increased monomer conversion and film formation with improved properties. The kinetics of mini-emulsion polymerization showed that in all redox initiator systems (Fe 2+ catalyst + EDTA chelating agent), the radials are produced at relatively low temperature with more efficient control of the reactor temperature. It was found that at 45°C TBHP/Fe 2+ /EDTA/SFS redox initiator system leads to 98% monomer conversion , a much higher rate than that of systems involved thermal initiators.