Evaluating Efficacy of the Separate Layer Water Injection of the Wells by Using Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Zhao Chunsen, Wang, Guangjie, Tao, Bo, Zhong, Ting, C Zhao, G Wang
2015 Online] Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development   unpublished
It can directly reflect the effect of injection wells before and after the layering water injection by evaluating the layering water injection wells. In view of the uncertainties on the impact of various factors of injection well group, it can establish a series of quantitative method which is suitable for the evaluation of well group. Prior to the evaluation of water injection wells group, it is necessary to make evaluation of the existing wells. This study uses the fuzzy comprehensive
more » ... mprehensive evaluation method to calculate comprehensive evaluation coefficient of well group to judge the nature of each well group. According to the calculation of the comprehensive evaluation coefficient of E2 which is combined with the actual geological and development condition of Ba fault block 17, it can not only find the increasing relation between E2 values and water injection effect, but also evaluate the effect of water injection well group, which can determine whether symmetry layering water injection is reasonable or not.