Micropropagation of Clerodendrum aculeatum through adventitious shoot induction and production of consistent amount of virus resistance inducing protein

Apama Srivastava, R Gupta, H Verma
2004 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology   unpublished
Rapid micropropagation through adventitious shoot induction from in vitro raised leaf ex plants of Clerodendrum acu-leatum (Verbenaceae), was successfully achieved for the first time. Basal portion of the leaves showed highest regeneration potential when grown on MS medium supplemented with BA (5.0 mg/1) and NAA and IBA (0.5 mg/1 of each). Shoots after elongation in growth regulator-free medium, were rooted in MS medium containing 0.5 mg/1 of NAA and IBA. Aqueous leaf extract of in vitro raised
more » ... plants, induced high degree of resistance against viruses in susceptible healthy hosts when applied prior to virus inoculation. Upon purification from leaves of cultured plants, the resistance inducing protein, showed molecular mass of 34 kDa. Amount of resistance inducing protein obtained from leaves of cultured plants, was consistent throughout the year, as compared to the protein isolated from leaves of field grown plants, which showed marked seasonal fluctuation. The purified 34 kDa protein from in vitro raised plants, was serologically related to field grown plants and possessed similar characteristics. The micropropagated plants were successfully established in earthen pots under greenhouse conditions.