Kajian Penerapan Teknologi Pertanian Organik pada Usahatani Padi di Desa Rowosari Kecamatan Sumberjambe Kabupaten Jember

Nesya Tantri, Triana Dewi Hapsari, Ebban Bagus Kuntadi
2018 Jurnal Ekonomi Pertanian dan Agribisnis  
This study aims to determine (1) the technological component of organic agricultural in Rowosari Village, Sumberjambe District, Jember District; (2) application of organic rice farming technology in Rowosari Village Sumberjambe District Jember Regency; (3) cost efficiency of production of organic rice farming in Rowosari Village, Sumberjambe Sub-district, Jember Regency. Research location is determined by purposive method of determining the location of research deliberately according to certain
more » ... ccording to certain considerations. Method of data retrieval is done by interview for primary data and secondary data collection that is through Agricultural Research and Statistic of Organic Agriculture Indonesia (SPOI). The analytical tool used is descriptive statistics and cost efficiency analysis of farming (R / C ratio) to mengetatui farming efficiency. The results of this study indicate that (1) organic agricultural technology has not been optimally applicable because of two components, namely components of hard technology and human components of low value; (2) Only 7 activities (50%) of the total activities are 14 activities implemented by all farmers in accordance with the SOP of organic rice cultivation that is applicable, (3) The use of cost in the production process of Rowosari Rowosari organic rice farming is efficient with cost efficiency value of 2,14.
doi:10.21776/ub.jepa.2018.002.03.8 fatcat:7xsvtlsuzfanzjllxuukrxfpwu