Modified bentonite-derived materials as catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides

In the last few years, cationic layered clays, including bentonites have been investigated as potential catalysts for SCR DeNO x systems. In this work, bentonite as the representative of layered clays was modified in order to obtain an alternative, low-cost NH 3 -SCR catalyst. Samples of raw clay were activated with HCl or HNO 3 , treated with C 2 H 2 O 4 and subsequently pillared with alumina by the ionexchange. Afterwards, the modified materials were impregnated with iron and copper. The
more » ... ned catalysts were characterized by XRD and FT-IR. SCR catalytic tests carried out over analyzed samples indicated the conversion of NO of approximately 90% for the most active sample. The type of acid used for modification and the type of active phase strongly influenced the catalytic properties of the analyzed materials.
doi:10.24425/cpe.2019.130220 fatcat:bxw5vd6yrreatmwtrk3ibrswdq