Spiking dynamics of interacting oscillatory neurons

V. B. Kazantsev, V. I. Nekorkin, S. Binczak, S. Jacquir, J. M. Bilbault
2005 Chaos  
Spiking sequences emerging from dynamical interaction in a pair of electronic neurons is investigated theoretically and experimentally. The model comprises two unidirectionally coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo units with modified excitability (MFHN). The The first (master) unit exhibits a periodic spike sequence with a certain frequency. The second (slave) unit is in its excitable mode and responds on the input signal with a complex (chaotic) spike trains. We analyze the dynamic mechanisms underlying
more » ... nisms underlying different response behavior depending on interaction strength. The spiking phase maps describing the response dynamics are investigated. Complex phase locking and chaotic sequences are analyzed. We show how the response spike trains can be effectively controlled by the interaction parameter and discuss the possibility of neuronal information encoding.
doi:10.1063/1.1883866 pmid:16035879 fatcat:p3swbbcjffcdbfh5e7q4hvhdnu