Ahu ÇELEBİ, Halil TOSUN, Ali Çağlar ÖNÇAĞ
2021 International journal of 3d printing technologies and digital industry  
Thanks to the developing technology and softwares, analysis and optimization of the engineering parts can be done through computer programs nowadays. Softwares play an active role not only in analysis but also in reducing the material cost as a result of lightening the part with changes in design. Manufacturing methods and comparisons of these methods with each other have always been the subject of research. Choosing the methods of manufacturing of material has a great importance for
more » ... The loads and strength of the designed part under operating conditions are very important for the manufacturer. The pros and cons of both production methods which are additive manufacturing and machining have been investigated and these methods have been compared for the use of Pet-G material. A FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) type 3D (three-dimensional) printer has been used in the additive manufacturing method and CNC Router (Computer Numerical Control Router) has been used for the machining method. A part design created in accordance with the mentioned manufacturing methods and its mechanical properties after its twice optimization have been examined and compared. After the optimizations, the targeted reduction on the mass of production has been achieved. After the optimization process, the sample has reduced by about 63% in volume and mass according to the design program. The mass of the sample, which is approximately 300 grams, has been reduced to 100 grams. As a result of the tests, it has been observed that the strength values of the samples manufactured by machining are higher.
doi:10.46519/ij3dptdi.950425 fatcat:tzyisnosirau7i6ihc4p4l7rti