Overstep Thrust Sequence Development in Winnemucca Fold and Thrust Belt, North-Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

Stephen D. Stahl, Robert C. Speed
1984 American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin  
Association Round Table eroded valley. The present structure at the top of the J sandstone (stratigraphically older than the D sandstone) is a structural low in the area where D valley-fill sandstones occur. The trend and location of the low at J level are identical to the trend and location of the D valley-fill deposits. Thus, the present low at the J level confirms the paleostructure interpretation. This new model for D sandstone deposition, incorporating paleotopography and sea level
more » ... d sea level changes, provides a new idea for petroleum exploration in the Denver basin.
doi:10.1306/ad461629-16f7-11d7-8645000102c1865d fatcat:kni543gvxvbabiuu4zygio3z2y