Humanism And Creative Activity As The Dominant Installation In Risk-Based Thinking Development

E. G. Bardina
2020 unpublished
Modern state educational standards are based on the unity of theory and practice in the formation of competencies to ensure the creative growth of students. The main intention in "Life Safety" course is the concept of "human", all measures to reduce risks are aimed at achieving comfortable conditions for the organization of work and leisure of a person. We consider humanism and creative activity as the dominant attitudes in the development of risk-based thinking. The problems of procuring life
more » ... of procuring life safety at the present stage have systemic character. Therefore, to solve them, a level of knowledge synthesis is needed. That allows one to integrate and synthesize knowledge from natural sciences and humanitarian disciplines in a short period of time. The tools for the development of thinking were chosen to integrate activity-oriented and personality-oriented approaches and active and interactive methods in the educational process of training on "Life Safety" course. In order to determine the success of developing "Life Safety" discipline and the level of formation of risk-based thinking among students, a diagnostic questionnaire was carried out containing questions regarding the personal attitude of respondents to safety issues in the professional sphere and in daily life. The results of the study let us conclude that the formation of students' risk-oriented thinking at the high level, at which respondent's safety issues are of high priority.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.10.03.157 fatcat:eaa75jo6yraxpp3hs3zl6xmrbm