Attending to others: how digital technologies direct young people's nightlife

Jasmine Truong
2018 Geographica Helvetica  
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> It is a growing phenomenon that young people use mobile information and communication technologies during their nightlife. This article offers an empirical examination of how young people's nightlife is shaped by engagement with the mobile phone application <span style="" class="text">WhatsApp</span>. Drawing on Sara Ahmed's phenomenological concept of orientation, I examine how <span style="" class="text">WhatsApp</span> extends young people's nightlife and how
more » ... ng people become orientated therein. On the one hand, I show that nightlife acquires new boundaries and fixities that encourage young people to direct their attention towards missing social relations and absent nightlife places. On the other hand, I find that young people create new perceptions of how to inhabit and spend leisure time and space. I argue that digital technologies reorientate young people, which I suggest offers novel means of addressing young people's contemporary nightlife practices, places, spaces, and social relations.</p>
doi:10.5194/gh-73-193-2018 fatcat:4tn4kohrivgbrgo2llnpu5ayj4