K. A. Kochnova
2017 Вестник Мининского университета  
This article examines the linguistic picture of the world of Anton Chekhov explores the nature of individual perception, implemented in the language of the writer. Words denoting colour, occupy an important place in the linguistic system. Author lexico-semantic field "colour-light designation" is more detailed than in the national language, composition. In the structure of the very constituents of the field, the tokens, there are changes, transformations: a complication semnai patterns of
more » ... i patterns of speech, because the semantics of the lexeme is influenced by the worldview of the artist. The greatest representativeness have the token black and white. They are characterized by the greatest frequency and complex semantic structure. Individual copyrights are the main categories of the attitude of the writer (death, boredom, sadness, indifference, loneliness). A. P. Chekhov displays adjectives beyond the underlying value, widely using them to create images. Building abstract images, the writer often takes inspiration from the visual image, including color.
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