A survey of reading-readiness skills and their application to the late reader [report]

Gail Robbins
2000 unpublished
Reading readiness is a subject that concerns reading teachers and educators. Inadequate readiness training may cause some students to become late readers, who can be identified as students who score below their age and grade level on a standardized reading test. It is important to define reading readiness and ·examine the component skills and factors in order.t~ help late readers. This examination I would like to thank the members of my thesis committee for their assistance and valuable
more » ... ons. Dr. Karr was particularly helpful with the section dealing with interpreting and evaluating readiness tests. Dr. Hardt was meticulous in making helpful stylistic comments. Dr. Dunkeld was a most concerned advisor, giving attention and specific suggestions to insure a well-researched paper. I would also like to thank my husband, Rick, for his understanding and encouragement during the past three years of my graduate study.
doi:10.15760/etd.2836 fatcat:hfmni7qfubcybljw2epm36c7em