Kualitas Semen Cair Babi Duroc dalam Pengencer Durasperm yang Disuplementasi Air Buah Lontar dan Sari Tebu

A. N. Banamtuan, W. M. Nalley, T. M. Hine
2021 Jurnal Sain Peternakan Indonesia  
This study aimed to determine the effect of palmyra juice and sugarcane juice supplementation in durasperm diluent on the quality of Duroc boar liquid semen. The source of semen a from 3 Duroc boar aged 2-3 years, which were collected twice a week using the glove hand method. Semen was evaluated macroscopically and microscopically, good quality semen was divided into three parts and subjected to treatment: durasperm (PO), P1 durasperm + palmyra juice (PJ), P2 durasperm + sugarcane juice (SJ)
more » ... rcane juice (SJ) and then stored in a Styrofoam box at 18 o -20 o C. Observations were made every eight hours. The data obtained were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) using the SPSS 20 program. The results showed that the percentage of motility at 64 hours showed that P1 was 40% higher (P <0.05) than P2 (35.00 ± 1.82) and P0 (27.50 ± 2.88). P1 had a higher percentage of spermatozoa viability 50.94 ± 0.79 (P <0.05) than P2 (45.50 ± 1.94) and P0 (37.75 ± 3.48). P1 has a higher MPU of 52.92 ± 0.61 with P2 (47.38 ± 1.47) and P0 (40.49 ± 3.47). Abnormality and pH were not significantly different (P˃0.05). It was concluded that palmyra juice supplementation diluent (P1) was effective in maintaining motility, viability, abnormalities, MPU and maintaining a stable pH.
doi:10.31186/jspi.id.16.1.41-48 fatcat:42ou3mzqwvh4xo3rejszxv2fee