Present status of developments of anisotropic R-Fe-B bonded magnets

Masuo Okada
Recent trends in developing anisotropic rare-earth bonded magnets based on R-Fe -B system (R: rare-earth elements) are reviewed . The paper starts to describe the current output of rare-earth bonded magnets in comparing with that of sintered rare-earth magnets. The preparation procedures of anisotropic R-Fe-B bonded magnets, such as meltspun or conventional powder techniques are introduced. Both techniques are facing some problems in producing the anisotropic bonded magnets. Melt-spinning
more » ... que consists of long clumsy processes such as hot-pressing and die-upsetting. Conventional powder techniques are unable to produce injection-moulded bonded magnets. Possible, new simple process to form the anisotropic melt-spun ribbons will be critically discussed.
doi:10.4262/denkiseiko.61.201 fatcat:b4jmdxlrgbelnhmwpy5xr6o2ci