Vascular abnormalities in a domestic cat (Felis domestica)

Harrison R. Hunt
1919 The Anatomical Record  
ONE FIGURE Recently the writer dissected a male cat which presented so many interesting vascular anomalies that publication of the facts seemed justified. The accompanying figure is a semidiagrammatic representation of the main blood-vessels of this animal as seen from the ventral side. Posterior to the superior mesenteric artery ( I n ) the postcava (9) was situated at the left of the aorta (10) .1 The left ureter (28) looped around the postcava in the manner shown in the figure. The position
more » ... gure. The position of the spermatic veins was the reverse of the normal position, the left spermatic (23) branching from the postcava (9)' while the right (20) emptied into the posterior right renal vein ( I 7'). Other observers have reported similar abnormalities in the cat. Darrach ('07 1 has described three cases in which the relations of the postcava, ureter, and sex veins were practically the same as in this individual. McClure ('00) figures (fig. 3 ) a case in which each ureter looped around the persistent postcardinal vein, as the left ureter passed around the postcava in the accompanying figure. Hochstetter ('93) mentions one cat in which the postcava lay at the left of the aorta posterior to the superior niesenteric artery, and a second case (having two persistent postcardinal veins) in which each ureter looped around a postcardinal. Two renal veins (17 and 1,9) drained each kidney (14) . Double renal veins were observed by McClure also ('00) in the cat.
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