The comparison of patients who admitted to psychiatry and rehabilitation clinic in terms of traditional help-seeking behavior

Aziz Yaşan, Faruk Gürgen
2004 Dicle Medical Journal  
In order to determine the reason for that, in terms of traditional help-seekingbehavior, we compared the patients who admitted to our psychiatric clinic topatients who admitted to rehabilitation clinic which, in our opinion, has similarpatterns of disease because of the chronic and long-term treatment.We compared those patients who accepted to involve our study from psychiatryas well as rehabilitation clinic. X2 and student-t test were used for statisticalanalyzes. P<0.05 was accepted as
more » ... cant.We found that traditional help-seeking behavior rate was 57% for psychiatryclinic and 15% for rehabilitation clinic (p<0.01). The most common admissionplace for traditional help-seeking behavior was the religious area, the most frequentdiagnosis was jinn possession, and the most common treatment advised was amulet.The rate of traditional help-seeking behavior is high in psychiatric patients.Traditional help-seeking behavior may cause stopping the psychiatric therapy andmay cause a delay in admitting psychiatric clinic. In psychiatric patients, it isinsufficient to relate the traditional help-seeking behavior to duration of disease,educational status, insufficient information that the patients have about theirdisease or response to treatment.
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