Analysis of equations arising in gyrotron theory

Janis Cepıtis, Olgerts Dumbrajs, Harijs Kalis, Andrejs Reinfelds, Uldis Strautins
2012 Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control  
The gyrotron is a microwave source whose operation is based on the stimulated cyclotron radiation of electrons oscillating in a static magnetic field. Powerful gyrotrons can be used to heat nuclear fusion plasma. In addition, they have found a wide utility in plasma diagnostics, plasma chemistry, radars, extra-high-resolution spectroscopy, high-temperature processing of materials, medicine, etc. However, the main application of gyrotrons is in electron cyclotron resonance heating in tokamaks
more » ... ting in tokamaks and stellarators. Equations describing gyrotron operation are ordinary differential equations and Schrödinger type partial differential equations. The present paper provides a survey of the analytical and numerical results concerning these equations obtained by our group in the last decade.
doi:10.15388/na.17.2.14064 fatcat:qzus3vsr25d67kfqptxejrv7lm