Molecular Science in Biology(3)– Quantum Beam, Synchrotron Radiation andX-ray Absorption Spectroscopy –
SCCJ Café – Season 5 – 生命現象の分子科学(3)「量子ビーム•軌道放射光-X線吸収分光法-」

Takahide YAMAGUCHI, Takamitsu KOHZUMA
2016 Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan  
70 • X キーワード: X The 70 years have been passed from the first observation of synchrotron radiation. Recently, synchrotron radiation light source has been developped by new type of accelerator, and modern syncrtron has been dedicated and utilized to analyze the strucutres and properties of many variety of materials involving biomolecules. The histrical features of synchrtron radiation are overlooked, and synchrotron based X-ray absorption spectroscopy and related computational chemistry of
more » ... chemistry of metallo-protein are also introduced in this issue.
doi:10.2477/jccj.2016-0050 fatcat:mbh4oc4wf5fefl3km3wdrleexy