The Effects and Vertical Bearing Capacity of Two Jacked Model Piles in Sand

Qingshan Wang, Zhaoran Xiao, Xianqiang Zhao, Dakuo Feng
2022 Sustainability  
The effects and vertical bearing capacity of two jacked piles in sand are still not well understood, and the mechanism of the adjacent pile's uplift caused by the jacking pile in a double pile system is especially unclear, but these facets are important to the stability of the jacked pile. In this paper, a series of tests is performed on jacked model piles in sand, where in the influences of the pile length and the driving pile's speed on the effects and vertical bearing capacity of two jacked
more » ... iles were studied. The results revealed that the effects and vertical bearing capacity of the two jacked piles were mainly in relation to pile length and influenced by the driving speed. The horizontal displacement of the top of the first jacking pile during the installation of the post-jacking pile was caused by the difference in the stress state of the first jacking pile between the side of the pile's face and its back side, in which the uplift displacement of the first jacking pile was also involved. The radial stress of the pile increased nonlinearly with the depth under different pile lengths and gradually converged to the passive earth pressure. The ultimate capacity of the double pile is approximately twice that of a single pile, and the ratio of the ultimate capacity of a single pile to the final jacking pressure was approximately 1.04.
doi:10.3390/su142114493 fatcat:mtpbetpuwjcjlmboud6tnxdhsy