De Greef M .
2014 International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology  
This paper describes a set of tools developed by different authors that can be applied in the Pre-Development of Product Development Process in food industries. Product Development Process (PDP) is considered increasingly important to company competitiveness. The management of this activity is critical to detect customers needs and to offer products according to them, in order to optimize company resources and increase its profits. At food industry, this process is especially relevant due to
more » ... increase of products offered in the market and the reduction of their life cycles. Despite the existence of studies that seek to standardize the process of food product development, implementation of PDP models is incipient. Rozenfeld et al [1] propose a model that outlines the process in macrophases, phases and tools, that allows the implementation of new product development. This model was adapted by Penso [2] according to food industry characteristics. Both contributions have been taken as reference for this investigation. Among the phases, it underscores Pre-Development macrophase, which involves planning portfolio organization in the context of its strategic plan. Its importance lies in the decisions made along the stage, that guide the process of further development and may determine the future business scenario. This indicates the need for appropriate tools in order to manage efficiently this macrophase. This paper describes different techniques and tools available in the literature related to PDP and structure them according to the activities developed in the Pre-Development macrophase in food industries.
doi:10.15623/ijret.2014.0311038 fatcat:ow6rlr2x35cybjib7bvrq6x7n4