Neutral bilepton boson production in pp collisions from 3-3-1 model

E. Ramirez Barreto, Y. A. Coutinho, J. Sá Borges
2008 Brazilian journal of physics  
Our aim is to establish some signatures of the extra neutral gauge boson X 0 , predicted in a version of the SU(3) C × SU(3) L ×U(1) X model with right-handed neutrinos, by considering the process p+ p −→ X 0 +X 0 * + X. In this work, we show some results concerning the LHC energy regime ( √ s = 14 TeV) and projected luminosity. Some distributions are shown and the X 0 width is calculated. We conclude that hadron colliders can show a clear signature for the existence of X 0 by comparing its
more » ... y comparing its production with Z pair production.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332008000400022 fatcat:5utueevoznajjo5jpfcl3m3riq