Exploitation of Social Media for Emergency Relief and Preparedness: Recent Research and Trends

Saptarshi Ghosh, Kripabandhu Ghosh, Debasis Ganguly, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Gareth J. F. Jones, Marie-Francine Moens, Muhammad Imran
2018 Information Systems Frontiers  
Online Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp, are important sources of real-time information related to emergency events, including both natural calamities, man-made disasters, epidemics, and so on. There has been lot of recent work on designing information systems that would be useful for aiding post-disaster relief operations, as well as for pre-disaster preparedness. A special issue on BExploitation of Social Media for Emergency Relief and Preparedness^was conducted for the
more » ... rnal Information Systems Frontiers. The objective of this special issue was to present a platform for dissemination of the empirical results of various technologies for extracting vital and actionable information from social media content in disaster situations. The papers included in this issue are expected to be the stepping stones for future explorations and technical innovations towards technologies meant for utilizing various online and offline information sources for enhancing pre-disaster preparedness and post-disaster relief operations.
doi:10.1007/s10796-018-9878-z fatcat:otdbkcagtjakdpw4dobwikcopa