Contents of Volume 273

2002 Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications  
Spatial and continuous dependence estimates in linear viscoelasticity 1 J.I. Diaz and R. Quintanilla Absolutely continuous functions and differentiability in R n 17 D. Bongiorno Stability of linear descriptor systems with delay: a Lyapunov-based approach 24 E. Fridman Spectral analysis and multidimensional stability of traveling waves for nonlocal Allen-Cahn equation 45 Perturbations of hypercyclic vectors 67 N.S. Feldman Energy bounds for some nonstandard problems in partial differential
more » ... ons 75 Existence and numerical approximations of periodic solutions of semilinear fourth-order differential equations 121 J. Chaparova Nonlinear eigenvalue Neumann problems with discontinuities 137 F. Papalini Convergences of nonexpansive iteration processes in Banach spaces 153 A oscillation theorem for a class of even order neutral differential equations 172 S. Tanaka Approximate controllability of semilinear functional equations in Hilbert spaces 310 J.P. Dauer and N.I. Mahmudov A tangential interpolation problem on the distinguished boundary of the polydisk for the Schur-Agler class 328 An annulus for the zeros of polynomials 349 J.L. Díaz-Barrero Long time behavior of Riemannian mean curvature flow of graphs 353 G. Citti and M. Manfredini
doi:10.1016/s0022-247x(02)00487-0 fatcat:zbcwmuogdbaftcgrgfvhttzaly