Moxibustion Treatment Effect for Pain Caused by Hallux Valgus during Activities

Miwa NAKAJIMA, Motohiro INOUE, Kenji KATAYAMA, Yasukazu KATSUMI, Megumi ITOI, Akiyoshi KOJIMA
2006 Zen Nihon Shinkyu Gakkai zasshi (Journal of the Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion)  
Objective] To examine the effect of moxibustion treatment for reducedpain during activity due to hallux valgus. [Methods] The subjects were five young females with pain due to hallux valgus. Indirect moxibustion treatment was carried out on the region of maximum pain to relieve pain. Moxibustion was performed once per day for 2 weeks, for a total of 14 times. Evaluation used the number of side steps performed and the pain (Numerical Rating Scale) at the time of a side step. [Results] After
more » ... ustion treatment, pain improvement was observed in all subjects at the time of a side step. At the same time, the number of side steps increased. Repeated measurements before and after moxibustion indicated that there was no significant learning effect. [Discussion and Conclusion] It became clear that the pain due to hallux valgus is mitigated by moxibustion over a fixed period, while athletic ability with respect to side steps is also improved. These results suggested the pain during activity due to hallux valgus is controllable with moxibustion treatment. By controlling pain, moxibustion treatment also temporarily improves athletic ability.
doi:10.3777/jjsam.56.802 fatcat:2spys4s7fvgh3pyqxaw6n4coee