Computer Hardware Basics [chapter]

2002 The CAD Guidebook  
Digital computers have been around for over 50 years in many different sizes and configurations. When the first mainframe computes were designed, it was thought that all the computing needs could be accomplished with as few as 5 machines. Given the cost and complexity of the first systems, it's understandable why people felt that way. As far reaching an effect as the large mainframe had on the industry, it would soon be eclipsed by the inexpensive home computer. You would be hard pressed to
more » ... k of a business that has not been affected by computers. Large corporations that once relied totally on expensive mainframes began to put computers onto everyone's desk. Decentralizing computers made people more productive and with the addition of local area networks allow people to share data and communicate in ways that were once unheard of. E-mail has almost eliminated our use of the fax machine and allows instant communication worldwide.
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