Study on the circulated versions of Major Essentials of Huangdi's Internal Classic Plain Questions (黃帝內經素問大要), and its original publication: Chosun's version of Huangdi's Internal Classics Plain Questions (黃帝內經素問)
이규준 의서 『황제내경소문대요』의 유통본과 그 저본이 된 조선 간본 『황제내경소문』

Chaekun Oh
2013 Journal of Korean Medical classics  
Conclusion : Through this study, I've provided strong evidence that Lee Gyoojoon's MEHP is a unique and original research completed within the traditional realm of Korean medicine, which possesses the universality of Eastern Asian medicine represented by Huangdi's Internal Classics (黃帝內經).
doi:10.14369/skmc.2013.26.4.203 fatcat:x2g4t2mns5hwfek6vn2w2uu7qu