LIFE-III isotopic gas-release model [report]

Jeffrey Rest
1974 unpublished
NOTICE- tfcis report was prepared u aa accoiiat at »«k spoasored fcy Ihe United States GonnUKM. Nctto Ike UBiMd SUM not the Uniud 5Ut« Atomic EKlfy CoBuaiutoii. not any of Iktir emplarcci, nor m ol thek coMixctora. nibcaolncton. or Ihck Miptaycn, aukes «ay wuraaty. ecpTess or implied, or awymn aay legal liabilrly or rnoonsiMlity for tar accuracy, coat-•leteaess or usefulama or aay ufonutum, spp>n". ctodacl or promt (KtcloKd, or reorestMs that its use would mat ia/nafe privately owaed rights.
more » ... ly owaed rights. ABSTRACT A spherical diffusion model for isotopic gas release front nuclear-reactor fuel elements is incorporated into the LIFE-III multiregion fuel-behavior code. The predictions of the isotopic gas-release-to-birth ratios model are compared with data from two nuclear fuel elements irradiated in different neutron fluxes. Reasonable agreement between model predictions and experiment is demonstrated. Also, an argument is givan wherein the LIFE-III isotopic gas-release model can be used as an aid in locating failed nuclear-reactor fuel elements.
doi:10.2172/4248180 fatcat:fhhfefzronfj5mz7cywei2x3vq