Enhancing Food Security through Acclimatized Species Domestication in the Haor Region

Md. Rahimullah Miah, Leading University
2013 ABC Journal of Advanced Research  
Stratagem to promote improvement based on the cultivating, nurturing, harvesting, jamboree, processing, collecting period and diversifying of acclimatized species implicitly target households as principal beneficiaries in haor region of Bangladesh. This paper suggests that the cultivation and domestication of acclimatized species can play important roles for enhancing food security in these co-managed areas. Sunamgonj is a haor based district in Bangladesh where local communities are affected
more » ... the unwanted deluge throughout the approximately six months round the year. Most of haor inhabitants are hampered on food insecurity including fundamental needs and networks in this period. For these overcomes, succession of vegetative-floristic compositions including fauna and genetic diversification introduced in these areas not only for upliftment of food security but also shelter bank free from devastating. This study focuses on four Upazillas in Sunamgonj that derive a significant portion of their livelihoods from providing of cultivated species including flora and fauna in the mentioned haor region. The author applied social science methods for relevant data and information collection surrounding these haor areas. About 65% respondents of these regions are opined for seasonal species cultivation and domestication through the co-managed partners both government and development organizations including national and international agencies. The author wants to aware for species selection, domestication, tending, training and development among the enthusiastic farmers on the priority requirements on species gene bank to accomplish a broader concept of food security and to ensure that short-term food benefits lead to longer-term food security. It concludes that both research on the cultivation and domestication of acclimatization and co-management practices that are needed to allow haor inhabitants to continue to live ensuring food security round the year in this region within a sustainable manner of haor resources. Finally, the author infers the future research trajectories of the co-managed approaches and recommendations for how to further sustainable develop the probable domesticated resources alternatively for food security in the aforesaid. Key Words: Food Security, Acclimatization, Domestication, Comanagement and Haor following Figure 12 . It indicated regional, sub-regional, divisional and national food security database involving community-based organizations. INTEGRATED HAOR AREAS MANAGEMENT ENVISIONING FOOD SECURITY Overall, it has been formulated in an integrated manner haor areas management envisioning food security mainly flood management, expansion of education, settlement and health facilities, production of crops through seasonal species diversifications, road communication & navigation, land zoning & technology, water supply and sanitation, environmental sustainability, Afforestation, tourism, domestication of wild and nontraditional plants with species selection and acclimatization, use of mineral resources, generation of power & energy, production of fisheries and livestock, women empowerment and haor technological arena with co-managed and stewardship phenomena which are shown in the Figure 12 .
doi:10.18034/abcjar.v2i1.19 fatcat:6nf7v7cnqjfjdoihcjqt4ub2c4