The Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, July 2, 1909] [article]

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Big Crowds Yesterday Visited Smelter City Add Enjoyed A good Day's Spt*rt. f mMg whom wtn Mr. ud Xn. lEtt TNNntW NNIT ito. to BO tat July _ _ a vary ar«-ul ptottog Tor ' tl. .'no-pu/' V^iih vooplo ^Tomorrow night t «" OP« , U.. m. nod IV. ol uw nw « Bwiwm«, -Bchool cannot bo obUtaod beoowl Uivioion-^.. .k. ..ntraiiaa ax-yroflcl«ncy-Ab Al4aand«r (ir»ot. Central Dku»v.. »■-■----uatU tbc rmulU ol the Mulnation. am jrJbllahed. With thcoe excaptlon*. tho honoro roll and promoilon Itot aro ai follow.
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