13C-NMR sonification of human insulin: a method for conversion of amino-acid sequences to music notes

2019 Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry  
The concept of molecular sonification comprises total steps of methods that convert the physical data derived from chemical systems into acousmatic music. NMR data of the 13C are especially well suited data sources for Insulin sonification. Even though their resonant frequencies are typically in the MHz region, the resonant frequencies span around kHz. The human insulin is consisting of 51 amino acids which can be divided into 7 series of amino acids for seven octaves of notes. During NMR
more » ... s. During NMR calculation with ab-initio methods, these signals are routinely mixed down into the audible frequencies ranges, rendering the need for any additional frequencies transpositions unnecessary. By this work, insulin protein sequences into musical notes to reveal auditory algorithms have been converted. Calculation and optimization of 20 amino acids have been done and the total frequencies of each amino acid have been converted to 20 music notes and distinguishing those using variations of chemical shifts including pitch, time duration length of notes and even rhythm have been accomplished.
doi:10.33263/briac94.077084 fatcat:n4lbai3hkfdlnm5vt3xa42x42e