Priming of Solanum melongena L. Seeds Enhances Germination, Alters Antioxidant Enzymes, Modulates ROS, and Improves Early Seedling Growth: Indicating Aqueous Garlic Extract as Seed-Priming Bio-Stimulant for Eggplant Production

Muhammad Ali, Sikandar Hayat, Husain Ahmad, Muhammad Imran Ghani, Bakht Amin, Muhammad Jawaad Atif, Zhihui Cheng
2019 Applied Sciences  
The current study was aimed to evaluate the seed priming potential of AGE (aqueous garlic extracts) to enhance seed germination and early seedling growth of eggplant. Different concentrations (100, 200, and 300 µg mL−1) of AGE were evaluated along with methyl jasmonate (MeJA) and salicylic acid (SA), plant growth regulators with reported seed priming potential whereas, water was taken as a control treatment. Eggplant seeds were primed for 4-, 6-, and 12-h and seed germination traits such
more » ... traits such germination rate index, germination percentage, mean germination time, and early seedling growth traits such as fresh and dry weights, root, and shoot lengths were observed. Moreover, plant antioxidant enzymes activities and lipid peroxidation levels, soluble protein contents and reactive oxygen species were monitored to establish the stimulatory/inhibitory effects of the treatments. Our results indicate priming potential of AGE, SA, and MeJA to enhance seed germination and early seedling growth in eggplant and the effects were obvious in various morphological and physiological traits. Seed priming significantly altered the antioxidant enzymes activities such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), and peroxidase (POD) with alteration in the reactive oxygen species (ROS). Interestingly, priming duration also affected the bioactivity of these chemicals because seed priming with 300 µg mL−1 AGE for 4 h had a positive influence, however, prolonged exposure to the same concentration inhibited the seed germination process and induced oxidative stress on the seedlings with elevated levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) content. We propose AGE seed priming as a bio-stimulant to enhance seed germination and early seedling growth in eggplant, and the results hence lay the foundation for the preparation of garlic-based compounds to improve vegetables production under plastic tunnels and greenhouse production units.
doi:10.3390/app9112203 fatcat:iplwsuiiv5fbbd2223pnxqylba