Stochastic Analysis of Wideband Near-Field Emissions From Dipole Antennas and Integrated Circuits

L. R. Arnaut, C. S. Obiekezie
2014 IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (Print)  
A statistical method is developed for characterizing wideband emissions from planar antennas and circuits containing multiple radiating elements. It is shown how the space-time and space-frequency correlation functions for source currents can be deduced from near-field measurements. These correlations produce additional spectral distortion of the emitted near field, over and above the far-field spectra of individual elements and their combined spectrum for uncorrelated sources. For an arbitrary
more » ... s. For an arbitrary configuration and number of emitting dipoles, the contribution to this distortion by pairwise correlations is fully calculable from the second-order covariance theory. Simulation results for a 2×2 dipole array and near-field measurements on an L-shaped microstrip antenna with wide-band excitation demonstrate and validate the feasibility of the method and the theoretically predicted spectral distortion based on pairwise correlations only. Index Terms-Circular fields, correlation analysis, near-field coherence, signal integrity, spectral distortion, stochastic electromagnetic fields. 0018-9375
doi:10.1109/temc.2013.2273737 fatcat:q7ympjrrgrhlnht3vdjd3buw54