Integrated Interpretation of Multi-Geophysical Inversion Results using Guided Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

Chongjin Zhao, Peng Yu, Jun Guo
2020 International Journal of Earth Science and Geophysics  
With the development of Geophysics, a variety of geophysical methods are used to study the underground structure, so there are more and more inversion results with different physical properties. How to get the interpretation result from a variety of geophysical inversion results is a problem. The fuzzy C-means clustering (FCM) technique has been used in the geophysical interpretation process. To obtain better interpretations of inversion results, we added the a priori constraint information in
more » ... he FCM method by using a guided FCM to cluster the multi-geophysical inversed results. Through model tests, it was proven that the guided FCM clustering technique performed better at characterizing the distributions of the layered medium than that without the guided FCM. In terms of field data applications, the guided FCM clustering can present more reasonable results for complex geophysical inversed data, and the findings demonstrate the practicability of using this method for interpretations of multi-property geophysical inversion results.
doi:10.35840/2631-5033/1835 fatcat:w74g6p4sivgujjkd4o5btfs4de