EAI Endorsed Transactions on Internet of Things Tele-Economics in MTC: what numbers would not show

Andres Laya, Amirhossein Ghanbari, Jan Markendahl
Introduction The opportunities that Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) offer to any industry considering the transformation of products and places into smart, connected system have stimulated academics and professionals from every discipline to explore and collaborate in concrete realizations of this vision. This paper elaborates on the relevance of considering research from different disciplines regarding this emergent communication enablement trend. MTC † is a topic commonly
more » ... ussed to provide of additional streams of revenues for mobile operators as one way to narrow the mobile revenue gap. Consequently, it is natural to see the appearance of enablement platforms as an † Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is usually referred to as the communication between remote machines and central management applications. Similarly, Machine-Type Communications (MTC) implies the communication where at least one element is a Machine. Since it is the working terminology used by 3GPP, MTC it is often regarded as the segment of M2M carried over cellular networks. approach to extend the connectivity provisioning into connectivity services that include usage monitoring, support of fault resolution, and some level of service enablement to support application developments. J. Morrish [1] makes an important contribution by suggesting that this connectivity between devices is not about a technical solutions; it is more about the applications benefiting from this connectivity. These benefits might be related to improving old functions or performing new functions. In this respect, it is difficult to discuss in terms of a MTC market, since it is a set of technologies with supporting capabilities across different markets [1]. So, the fact that MTC is about supporting something highlights the need of research and development on the values and possibilities in specific areas. We could argue that MTC first took off within the telecom industry, and has been widely promoted by it ever since. And it is precisely for this reason that the benefits and potential are clearer on the technology side than on the application (market) side. Many of the possibilities and concepts are rather abstract and mainly understood inside the ICT community. Even if there is an increasing interest in the consumer or societal impact, it has become essential for the technical community to find well-grounded evi-1 This paper elaborates on the relevance of Tele-Economic research to understand the effect that Machine-Type Communications (MTC) has on different markets and also the market forces affecting the adoption of services based on MTC. The paper is presented in a tutorial form, offering concept and definitions of economic terms that are gaining relevance in the technical community in the MTC context. The concept of services is further analysed in as a change in the telecommunication industry mind-set in order to tap into the economic value of MTC in the realization of the Internet-of-Things. Finally, insights are presented looking forward into the relevance of Tele-Economic research for 5G.