Integrating sensorimotor systems in a robot model of cricket behavior

Barbara H. Webb, Reid R. Harrison, Gerard T. McKee, Paul S. Schenker
2000 Sensor Fusion and Decentralized Control in Robotic Systems III  
The mechanisms by which animals manage sensorimotor integration and coordination of different behaviors can be investigated in robot models. In previous work the first author has built a robot that localizes sound based on close modeling of the auditory and neural system in the cricket. It is known that the cricket combines its response to sound with other sensorimotor activities such as an optomotor reflex and reactions to mechanical stimulation of the antennae and cerci. Behavioral evidence
more » ... ggests some ways these behaviors may be integrated. We have tested the addition of an optomotor response, using an analog VLSI circuit developed by the second author, to the sound localizing behavior and have shown that it can, as in the cricket, improve the directness of the robot's path to sound. In particular it substantially improves behavior when the robot is subject to a motor disturbance. Our aim is to better understand how the insect brain functions in controlling complex combinations of behavior, with the hope that this will also suggest novel mechanisms for sensory integration on robots.
doi:10.1117/12.403710 fatcat:pwr3fi4nijd3lmswszpoo5wnui